Plenary session

The plenary session takes place in room "Grand Auditorium".

09:00 - Opening Keynote

Fleur Pellerin is a Minister Delegate with responsibility for Small and Medium Enterprises, Innovation, and the Digital Economy attached to the Minister for Economic Regeneration (the former Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Industry).

Speakers: Fleur Pellerin (Ministre déléguée auprès du ministre du Redressement productif, chargée des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, de l'Innovation et de l'Economie numérique, Ministère des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises, de l'Innovation et de l'Economie numérique)

09:15 - Ile-de-France Region Keynote

Jean-Paul Planchou is Vice-President of the Paris Region (Ile-de-France) in charge of economic development, innovation, information technology, tourism and social economy.

Speakers: Jean-Paul Planchou (Vice-Président du Conseil régional d'Ile de France, Région Ile-de-France)

09:25 - Paris City Keynote

Speakers: Jean-Louis Missika (Adjoint au Maire de Paris chargé de l'innovation, de la recherche et des universités, Mairie de Paris)

09:35 - Introduction to the 6th Edition of the Open World Forum

Speakers: Pierre Queinnec (Open World Forum) / Philippe Montarges (Alter Way) / Stefane Fermigier (Abilian) / Jean-Séverin Lair (Ministère de la Culture) / Elisabeth Racine (Cap Digital)

09:45 - Systematic Paris-Region Keynote

Systematic seeks to boost the economy and employment through innovation, training and partnerships. The researchers, industries, training organisations and local governments involved with the Cluster have three priorities:

  • consolidate the major integrators’ leadership in order to secure the sustainability of their R&D activities in the Paris Region
  • foster the emergence of start-ups and the growth of technological SMEs with global ambitions
  • strengthen the Paris Region’s attractiveness by developing its image on an international scale in order to attract new global companies’ R&D departments.

Since its inception in 2007, Systematic's Free and Open Source Working Group (GTLL) has attracted more than 110 members (SME, large companies and academic institutions) and fostered the creation and funding of 33 R&D programs, representing an total R&D effort of 130 million EUR.

Speakers: Jean-Luc Beylat (Systematic Paris-Region)

10:00 - Inria Keynote

Public science and technology institution established in 1967, Inria is is the only public research body fully dedicated to computational sciences. Combining computer sciences with mathematics, Inria’s 3,400 researchers strive to invent the digital technologies of the future.

Michel Cosnard has been Chairman and CEO of INRIA, since 2006. Previously, Michel Cosnard served as Professor at Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon and from 1997, as director of the INRIA Research Unit in Lorraine. In 2001, he was nominated director of the INRIA Research Unit in Sophia Antipolis and served as Professor at the University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis.

Speakers: Michel Cosnard (Inria)

10:12 - Entreprises et cultures numériques

Founded in 1970, CIGREF brings together 130 French companies and organizations from all sectors. To this end, CIGREF has three aims:

  • To bring together major companies using information systems,
  • To support CIOs and help them develop in the exercise of their profession,
  • To develop a long-term vision of the impact of information systems and technologies on the enterprise, the economy and society.

Speakers: Bruno Ménard (Vice Président du CIGREF, Group CIO Sanofi)

10:22 - Syntec Numérique Keynote

Speakers: Guy Mamou-Mani (Président, Syntec Numérique)

10:35 - Global State of FLOSS Public Policies

Free Software benefits have aroused the public services interest all around the world. In a context of permanent technology revolutions, the countries review their position once in a while. Three major public actors in France, Quebec and UK will present the trend in their respective countries.

Speakers: Patrice Di Marcantonio (CELL) / Mark Taylor (Sirius) / Jacques Marzin (Interministerial Manager of the national systems of information and communication, DISIC)

11:35 - The Future of Open Source Foundations

Now that it has become mainstream a growing number of companies and public bodies claim to have a stake in open source. Do we still need open, source organizations and foundations? Are they joining the ranks of endangered species? Participants in the panel will share with the audience their perspectives on a) the future of open source foundations and their usefulness in an evolving IT industry and b) the role they can play in Europe in a context increasingly structured by publicly-driven collaborative innovation initiatives (H2020, ECP, FI-PPP, etc.).

Speakers: Cedric Thomas (OW2) / Simon Phipps (Meshed Insights) / Gabriele Ruffatti (OW2 Consortium) / Bertrand Delacrétaz (Apache Software Foundation) / Gael Blondelle (Eclipse Foundation) / Stefano Maffulli (OpenStack) / Philippe Robin (Program Manager, GENIVI)

14:00 - Open Cloud : the next step ?

Infrastructure as a Service is not a global cloud solution, this is only the first step. What are steps for a complete cloud architecture ? Orchestration and PaaS , what are the best ways for a efficient cloud ?

Speakers: Vincent Untz (Project Manager, Suse) / Jonathan Clarke (CTO - Founder, Normation) / Nicolas Thomas (Sales Engineer, Canonical Ltd.) / Hervé Leclerc (CTO, Alter Way)

14:40 - Two open source trends of 2013

What impact PRISM will have on open source : The Snowden affair has led many to realize that software in general cannot be trusted. Software has bugs, it may also has vulnerabilities, planted by some spy agency. Free Software is not just one way to restore confidence, it's the only way.

How Innovation has changed hands : Innovation in IT used to come from major software vendors, the like of IBM or Microsoft. Now it's mostly coming from major software consumers, be they Facebook or Twitter. To them, IT is an expense, not a business. They have an interest in making IT cheaper by feeding open source with the downfalls of their innovation. This is a change of paradigm in innovation.

Speakers: Patrice Bertrand (General Manager, Smile)

14:49 - Digital training against the crisis and massive unemployment, mission: impossible?

In introduction, Tony Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley, will talk about several categories of education, and the need to address the ones that we have not done a good job of educating in the past.

After, a French speakers panel will discuss about the digital education and training in our economic context and the opportunities of new pedagogical models: Self-training, MOOC, professional learning, newest training forms...

Speakers: Philippe Montarges (Alter Way) / Roberto Di Cosmo (IRILL) / Kwame Yamgnane (Directeur général adjoint, Ecole 42) / Jean-Marie Gilliot (Enseignant-chercheur à Télécom Bretagne et Responsable du groupe de travail MOOC, Institut Mines-Télécom) / Fatiha Gas (Chairman, ESIEA Paris) / Tony Wasserman (Open Source Initiative)

15:39 - Getting real in a virtual world

Cloud Computing ! Virtualization ! Big Data ! Automation ! …

We have fantastic Buzzwords to talk about our Cloud technologies.

But ultimately, those technologies are just a tool box to do something.

In this session, we will focus on the Uses Cases and show you in just 6 minutes, how the open cloud ecosystem can help you in your real business challenges.

Raphael is co-founder and CEO of eNovance, a major contributor in the OpenStack code and an active player of the open cloud ecosystem in Europe and Canada. eNovance provides high-end services to build and manage new generation infrastructures based on Openstack, for a large variety of companies all around the world. He has been active in the OpenStack community since the Bexar Summit and regularly speak about OpenStack, Open Cloud and Multi-platforms Management at several tech events in Europe.

Speakers: Raphaël Ferreira (Co-founder, eNovance)

15:45 - Information Systems Security and Free Software

This talk will cover the factors of our future cyber-insecurity by using the Plagues of Egypt metaphor. We will see a realistic vision on the current battle for Information Systems Security that has been widely lost as of today, and explore some of the ways we can save most of what's essential with Free Software.

Speakers: Philippe Wolf (Conseiller du Directeur Général, Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (SGDSN/ANSSI))

16:15 - Building an open hybrid cloud with open source

Hervé Lemaitre explains how Red Hat builds on the power of open source communities like OpenStack, oVirt and Gluster to deliver an open hybrid cloud to its customers.

Speakers: Hervé Lemaitre (Pre-Sales Manager, Red Hat)

16:21 - Cultural Anthropology - how to design communities and interaction

Software developers love Stack Overflow and know that it has a ... unique culture to it. But what isn't as well known is how the structure of the software and technology behind Stack Overflow is designed to help shape that community. We'll discuss some of the unique aspects of the Stack Overflow community, the basics of cultural anthropology, and how we've designed the sites to facilitate the community that our users ask for.

Speakers: Joel Spolsky (CEO, Stack Overflow)

16:41 - Buyers: friend or foe for Free Software?

Buyers are now key players in the choices made by businesses and public structures in all areas of procurement, including IT. One of their important missions is to make immediate gains in procurement spending. While it is simple to negotiate and expose a cost reduction on a proprietary license, it's far more complex to prove purchasing efficiency when you do a paradigm shift like the transition to Open Source (licence vs. service). How do CIOs and buyers agree on these choices? Should there be a special purchase approach and a different dialog with CIOs for Free Software?

Speakers: Jean-Séverin Lair (Ministère de la Culture) / François Gruyer (Technical & Business development Director, Capgemini) / Christophe Antoni (Responsible of IT procurement, Ministry of Interior) / Ludovic Dubost (XWiki SAS) / Hervé Martinage (Buyer, Auchan)

17:21 - Open in the Cloud

Microsoft has become more open in its collaboration with Open Source and the cloud is the best playing field for many key initiatives on Windows Azure. Flagship partnership being the work done with SUSE. What's in it from both companies and how does it fit with the key market trends?

Speakers: Frederic Aatz (Microsoft) / Philippe Desmaison (SUSE Technical Manager, SUSE France, SUSE)

17:30 - Chorus, a pragmatic approach on Free Software

With more than 50 000 users, the information system Chorus allows the State to manage efficiently its expenses, its non fiscal revenues and its accounting. Even if it is specifically known for its heart that is based on the software package SAP, Chorus integrates numerous components based on "free" licenses.

As a matter of fact, the National Agency for Financial Computing (AIFE) in charge of Chorus developed a pragmatic approach in the choice of software components, leading the majority of the users to use applications based on free components; an approach far from the images often spread concerning the choice "owner" of the big computing projects…

Speakers: Emmanuel Spinat (Délégué de la directrice, AIFE)

17:50 - Open source ecosystem consolidation (players and projects): an opportunity or a threat ?

Speakers: Philippe Montarges (Alter Way)

18:00 - Day Closing Keynote: What do you mean you can't Skype?!

Living free in a non-free world.

Speakers: John Sullivan (Executive Director, Free Software Foundation)

Parallel sessions

17:00 - Femmes du numérique et de l’Open Source

Cette session a pour objectifs de mettre en avant notre filière par des témoignages concrets de femmes travaillant dans l'Open Source et de réfléchir avec des professionnels aux solutions de promotion pour rendre attractif notre filière auprès des étudiantes.

18:15 - Open CIO Summit

L'Open CIO Summit est un Think Tank dédié aux perspectives offertes par l'Open Source et ses phénomènes connexes sur la gouvernance des systèmes d'information. Il se réunit annuellement à l'occasion de l'Open World Forum, pour une série de présentations de retours d'expérience et de tables rondes. Réservé aux DSI, il leur permet d'échanger sur ces sujets stratégiques, loin des discours commerciaux ou des positions idéologiques.

Pour plus d'informations, veuillez-vous référer au site dédié:

18:30 - OpenStack Meetup

Meeting of French User OpenStack Community


18:30 - SaltStack Meetup / BOF

SaltStack takes a new approach to infrastructure management by developing software that is easy enough to get running in minutes, scalable enough to manage tens of thousands of servers, and fast enough to communicate with them in seconds. SaltStack delivers a dynamic infrastructure communication bus used for orchestration, remote execution, configuration management and much more.

Join this Meetup / BOF to connect with the French SaltStack user community, and discuss all things Salt with Salt's creator, Thomas Hatch.

19:00 - TuttleOFX workshop

TuttleOFX is the result of collaborative R&D projects HD3D-iio et HD3D² supported by Cap Digital .

TuttleOFX is an open source image processing framework based on OpenFX standard including: SAM, Tuttle Plugins.

TuttleOFX software is a tool for manipulation and transformation of image sequences, dedidated to animated and visuals specials effects. An active community of developpers from various french studios (Mikros Image, Duran Duboi, Ubisoft,...) compose the core of TuttleOFX numerous users and developpeurs participate too. They come form : LibAV, GenArts, Vimeo, various european studios, INRIA…

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