Fatiha Gas


After an egineering degree in electronics, a PHD in the field of algorithmic vision by computer, Fatiha Gas integrated a prestigious engineering college, where she held numerous executive positions. She was intrested in solving the management problems of the engineering branch students. After having studied for a "management of companies" degree in the IAE of Paris, she conceived specific programs of training combining management and technique. In 2008, Fatiha Gas created a research laboratory where she impulsed activities connected to key problems in networks, in information systems and in tactile interfaces. She managed research teams, projects of R&D in partnership with companies and public institutions and contributed to the creation of a grouping of scientific interest. After an experience in entrepreneurship, Fatiha Gas created a consulting company named 2LinkUp; its object was to favore the synergy between the academic world and the wolld of companies. Later she became the chairman of the ESIEA Paris, a hight-level engineering school for digital technologies. Fatiha Gas is an expert for the pole of competitiveness Cap Digital and a member of the office Women of Digital technologies.


Digital training against the crisis and massive unemployment, mission: impossible?

Track: Plenary Session

In introduction, Tony Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley, will talk about several categories of education, and the need to address the ones that we have not done a good job of educating in the past.

After, a French speakers panel will discuss about the digital education and training in our economic context and the opportunities of new pedagogical models: Self-training, MOOC, professional learning, newest training forms...

Témoignages de jeunes femmes travaillant dans la filière Open Source

Track: Femmes du numérique et de l’Open Source

Etat des lieux et les actions menées pour promouvoir notre filière auprès des étudiantes et des jeunes femmes

Track: Femmes du numérique et de l’Open Source

Title: Chairman

Organization: ESIEA Paris

Twitter: @@FatihaGAS

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