Paul Holland


Paul is the leader of Open Source Strategic Programs within HP’s Open Source Program Office. For ten years, he has helped HP teams properly utilize open source software in their solutions and engage in the open source community. His areas of specialty include open source strategy, business impact, and governance. In his current role, Paul is responsible for aligning HP’s OpenStack efforts across the company in order to deliver on its cloud strategy.


Tools & Open Source Compliance Panel: How Technical Solutions Can Help to Reach Legal Quality

Track: Legal and Licensing Aspects of Open Source

The use of free & open source software in the IT of both public and private organisations has become automatic and increasingly popular, becoming a sensitive issue from the point of view of project and legal risk management. To maintain legal status, new tasks and responsibilities appear, such as the identification of contributors and licenses, support teams (in order to ensure understanding and compliance with the license, including the formality imposed) sustainability in processes, etc.

This panel will aim to present developments and technical solutions that have accompanied these needs since industrialisation: audit software codes and other specific tools, such SPDX common standards, etc. It will especially address the question of the appropriateness of their use (their utilities and when to use them) and the maximization of results.

Best Practices and Use Cases for an Efficient Open Source Governance Panel

Track: Legal and Licensing Aspects of Open Source

Fully assuming their choice to use free & open source software and the legal, organisational, technical and consequential issues, for many years major industrial players are designing, experiencing and improving some "best practices" to maximize their profits from open source and to frame associated legal and technical risks.

Relying on the testimony of these companies, the second panel will share, compare and discuss these practices and will measure the key role played by the industries for better implementation of open source.

Title: Open Source Processes and Strategic Programs

Organization: HP

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