Jim Ahtes


Jim Ahtes is a Project Manager of European research initiatives at Atos, based in Barcelona. During the last 6 years he has worked on several coordination teams of large-scale projects consisting of a dozen to a hundred partners of large industry, SMEs, and universities. He also leads business development, marketing and stakeholder engagement in such projects focused on cloud computing, open-source software and standardization.


Catalyzing the discovery, analysis and adoption of community-based OSS innovation

Track: Community Summit: Open Source Communities as Collaborative Innovation Platforms, Opportunities and Challenges

OSS has become intertwined with mainstream IT. According to Gartner, by 2016, 95% of IT organizations will leverage OSS technology and software in their IT portfolios, recognizing the growing trend of not just standalone solutions but the greater implication of OSS assets being integrated within commercial products.

It’s also a strong return to community engagement where more and more developers are leveraging the benefits of collaborative OSS development for quality and innovation; from independent freelancers to the largest IT players.

But what is needed to help guide us through the maze of forges, integration issues and legal concerns when involving the constantly growing communities of this collaborative environment? One such approach is from MARKOS (www.markosproject.eu), an EU-funded R&D initiative, creating a developer-oriented web platform that searches aggregated info from OSS projects across a variety of forges and analyzes the interdependencies, software structures and license compatibility issues between them. It’s a developer-oriented service to efficiently and better leverage OSS assets in their workflow.

We would like to have a discussion about how to improve community engagement to not just leverage one solution such as MARKOS, but for catalyzing the discovery, analysis and adoption of community-based innovation in OSS in general.

Organization: Atos

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