Stephane Ribas


Je m'appelle Stéphane Ribas et je suis passionné par le logiciel libre et la collaboration en mode distribué dans le domaine du développement logiciel. Je travaille actuellement au sein de la D2T, ou je suis responsable de la promotion des activités et de l'animation communautaires au sein de la ligne métier.

Mon domaine de prédilection est les communautés de pratique, que j'aborde en croisant théorie et pratique.

En parallèle, je suis l’organisateur des conférences fOSSa (free open source software for academia). J'enseigne le logiciel libre à l’IAE de Grenoble et j'ai rejoint l’Inria en 2008 pour animer plusieurs projets Européen (QualiPSo, AspireRFID, OW2, etc.) avant de rejoindre la D2T (J'ai aussi travaillé dix ans à travers l’Europe dans le logiciel et les services, chez HP) avant de rejoindre la D2T.


Oh my god they stole my code! (really?)

Track: Internet of Things

“Our passion about Open Source Software (OSS) and Hardware (OSH) became quickly unmanageable and ends up in growing a lonely business into a worldwide open community almost overnight! At last, we were not alone believing in that the development born in our garage a few years ago and got rapidly help from around the world. Enthusiastics rushed to propose contributions and wanted to commit around the clock. Overwhelmed by that wave of free services, we moved on the scale to sceptical, satisfied, happy, anxious and eventually desperate. We wanted to share our ideas and hopes about that piece of codes and we succeeded well above our expectations and that unmanageable success is what killed us and our dream. Today we are back to two people around an incredibly complex piece of code which will take us century to understand and debug.”

That story could have been true and may definitely reflect a lot of effort wasted in the OSS & OSH domain by coders and designers who only wanted to share their passion. Indeed, OS communities host most of the visible developments and without them, growing software/open hardware into an operational and mature (commercial) product is a hard task for a group of people no matter their excellence. Of course some OS products have been able to generate enough momentum to develop into a well-established communities but how many have disappeared mined by problems not always technical?

Based on the creation of the AspireRFID project, this talk describes the true story of an Open source and open hardware project used everywhere at anytime without the original authors and contributors aware of! We will review the project, the way it has been build, gives recommendations to industrials and scientist to create in safety way a community and why not leverage the creation of an eco system that will push forward the creation of values (in dollars, in knowledges, in partnerships, new projects, new usage, new skills).

Often we hear that scientist codes are stolen by industrials? is true ? really true?

Come to this session and let's speak about it throughout the true story of the AspireRFID project!

Organization: Inria

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