Roberto Di Cosmo


Roberto Di Cosmo is a computer scientist and director of IRILL, the Innovation and research initiative for free software (French: Initiative pour la Recherche et l'Innovation sur le Logiciel Libre).

He graduated from the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa and has a PhD from the University of Pisa, before becoming tenured professor at the École normale supérieure in Paris, then professor at the Paris 7 University.

Di Cosmo was an early member of the AFUL, association of the French community of Linux and Free Software users, he's also known for his support in the Open Source Software movement.

He became famous after releasing a paper against Microsoft in 1998 : Piège dans le cyberespace (Hijacking the world, the dark side of Microsoft).[1] Co-written with the journalist Dominique Nora, this book is now freely available under Creative Commons licence BY-NC-ND. His most famous contributions to Linux is also the first « live » linux distribution (2000 to 2002) : demolinux, making possible to boot Linux from a CD-ROM, without setting up the entire distribution.

He was one of the founders, and the first president, of the Open Source Thematic Group within the Systematic innovation cluster.

Di Cosmo is a member of the Board of Trustees at the IMDEA Software Institute.

Track leader on

Education, Job & FLOSS

IT oportunities and employment in a crisis world: education, professional training and job

In this new edition of the Think tank "Education, job and Floss", in Open World Forum event, we're going to talk about education, training and digital in three ways: with a short term approach, we will discuss about opportunities with newest forms of training like Mooc, in medium term we will talk about the high level education system and with a long term vision we will discuss about citizen digital education and the role of computer learning like a science. This year we will realize a special focus on the developers career.

Software Quality & Methodologies

Maintaining and evolving large software projects is a challenging task. To reach a good level of quality, one needs to ensure not only that the code itself is correct, but that it is maintainable, and that the process involved in producing and evolving it is well designed and properly working.

In this track, we will see concrete examples of how this is currently done in several Free Software projects, from a wide variety of fields of applications.

Student Demo Cup


Digital training against the crisis and massive unemployment, mission: impossible?

Track: Plenary Session

In introduction, Tony Wasserman, Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley, will talk about several categories of education, and the need to address the ones that we have not done a good job of educating in the past.

After, a French speakers panel will discuss about the digital education and training in our economic context and the opportunities of new pedagogical models: Self-training, MOOC, professional learning, newest training forms...

Developer career: how do we create value for young people ? what are the characteristics of a great career for a developer ?

Track: Education, Job & FLOSS

Formation informatique pour tous : un enjeu de culture générale au 21ème siècle

Track: Education, Job & FLOSS

Irill: research on software that helps free software

Track: Community Summit: Open Source Communities as Collaborative Innovation Platforms, Opportunities and Challenges

The mission of IRILL, the Initiative for Research and Innovation on Free Software, is to bring together in one place leading researchers and scientists, expert developers, and industry players to tackle the fundamental challenges that free software poses today. In this talk you will learn more about Irill, and see firsthand some examples of research on software that helps free software.

Student Demo Cup

Track: Student Demo Cup

Organization: IRILL


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