Mark Taylor


Mark Taylor is a well known figure in the Open Source community and participant in the organisations that helped establish Open Source - now into his second decade on the front line. He is the founder, and for 5 years consecutively President, of the Open Source Consortium, occasional advisor to the Free Software Foundation Europe, and the UK representative of the Open Source Software Institute. He is also is a well-known speaker and writer on all aspects of the phenomenon.


Global State of FLOSS Public Policies

Track: Plenary Session

Free Software benefits have aroused the public services interest all around the world. In a context of permanent technology revolutions, the countries review their position once in a while. Three major public actors in France, Quebec and UK will present the trend in their respective countries.

Making it happen in the UK: From Policy to Reality

Track: Free Software Public Policies

In his 2009 Open World Forum talk, Mark Taylor described the UK as the 'Sick Man of Europe' in terms of Government Open Source... how times have changed! His 2009 predictions included a change of Government, a policy focus on Open Source, and a rapid leap-frogging to become one of the leaders in Government and Public Sector adoption of Open Source and Open Standards.

It is no exaggeration to say that the UK is now one of the clear leaders in Public Sector adoption of Open Source in Europe, perhaps even the world.

Open Source and Open Standards, alongside SME engagement and innovative approaches to procurement are now at the very heart of UK Government Policy. The UK's Open Standards policy goes further than any other and includes mandation of royalty free standards.

The Government's digital agenda is being implemented by the recently created 'Government Digital Service' which is itself a perfect case study in the use of Open Source, being built from Open Source components top to bottom. The Government's 'G-Cloud' initiative is a model of how to engage with innovative SMEs and drive down the cost of Public Sector procurement. The Government's security agency, CESG, will shortly be announcing the first ever Government-assured Open Source security product as well as adopting it themselves.

Mark's talk will focus on how this rapid turnaround came about, give insight into the key players and current thinking, and predict what is coming up next.

The UK Government are making Open Source happen, and this talk will explain how.

Organization: Sirius

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