Rayna Stamboliyska


Rayna Stamboliyska holds a PhD in Genetics and Bioinformatics. She's currently a research fellow at the Center for Research and Interdisplinarity (Paris Descartes University). Her main project revolves around innovative approaches for knowledge transmission, knowledge technologies and hacking for kids. Additionally, Rayna is a board member of the Open Knowledge Foundation France and founder of its workgroup “Open & Citizen Science”. Last but not least, Rayna is the founder of RS Strategy, which advises decision-makers and enthusiasts on knowledge technologies, Open Access, ICT for development and transparency, in Africa and the Middle East

Track leader on

Datalove Everywhere

A basic understanding of the principles and culture of open data are often the most critical elements needed to catalyse broad data release. Open Data initiatives burgeon everywhere, engaging governments, cities and official institutions alongside ordinary citizens, which is an encouraging sign that such principles have touched decision-makers and citizens. But publishing data does not necessarily imply a long-term commitment to a more transparent governance or general citizen involvement. Thus, a vision and critical assessment for how that data can be part of a global ecosystem of applications and analysis is also important to help sustain and guide an open data initiative into the future. An attempt to achieve such an all-inclusive discussion is the “Datalove Everywhere” track gathering various Open Data initiatives and their active builders.


Big Data, Bad Data

Track: Big Data

This talk will explore the ethical boundaries and implications of big data strategies from marketing to science.

Open Data Love in Science

Track: Free Software Public Policies

Despite the dazzling development of the open access movement, open data initiatives in science and research are still trailing in involvement. Additionally, disparities in research data sharing and openness are huge across scientific communities and domains. Last but not least, formats and licensing terms greatly vary even within specific field. This talk will wrap-up current initiatives and achievements prior to highlighting the challenges ahead in front of a wide number of stakeholders. The middle-term goal is to bootstrap connections converging to a true institutional change that leads to more participative, shareable and transparent science: the science of tomorrow.

Title: Founder

Organization: RS Strategy

Website: http://www.rs-strategy.net

Twitter: @MaliciaRogue

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