THINK - Make It Happen!

THINK will take place over the course of the two first days, and will outline the major role of FLOSS in the digital economy. The “Make it Happen!” baseline very concretely sums up the focus on building a successful free and open-source strategy, from a technological and commercial standpoint.

The opening day format will differ from the previous editions as talks will happen in a single-track schedule in the largest auditorium. This enables us to concentrate on having the best schedule in a unique plenary session dedicated to decision-makers in the private and public sectors. Talks will be more concise and will introduce the think tanks and workshops held on the second day.

This renewed format will support the 2013 focus: making it happen. The FLOSS industry is now at a point where we need to have IT departments take the step from intention, either from strategy or political decision, to actual use or purchase.

We will demonstrate that innovation with FLOSS is accessible to all companies and organisations. It is nowadays easier to innovate in each market because of the availability of free and innovative technologies. This demystification of practical innovation will be the major theme of this sixth edition of the Open World Forum.

All of our speakers have successfully innovated with free and open-source software and will share their experiences around its use and impact. Shared innovation and the platforms available for collaborative innovation will be represented. More practically, speakers will document the way they succeeded in bringing innovation through FLOSS in the following sectors:

  • Digital economy
  • Media
  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Foundations and Communities

The opening day will be dedicated to keynotes, conferences and panels. The individual talk slot format will be shorter than previous editions, so we can have a very dynamic and interesting program. The morning will be the opportunity to approach the real impact of Open-Source in the digital economic world, as well as the impact of state policies, the governance, educational and business issues. We'll end this sequence with some industrial, organizational, community and government success stories that might inspire attendees to choose Free and Open-Source Software for their next projects.

The afternoon will focus on the innovation catalyst role that Open-Source plays in the major technological and educational projects, especially in infrastructure and Cloud, in Big Data and the Hadoop platforms, in the Web of tomorrow and in Mobility.

CIOs and major users of FLOSS will be invited to take part in the fifth edition of the Open CIO Summit, which is scheduled for the end of the day.

These topics will be explored deeper during the second day, through workshops and think tanks led by industry and community leaders. This will enable attendees to contribute to the evolution of our field, and of course provide the meeting point where the world experts will get together and talk about the present and the future.

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