Track: Cloud

Theme: CODE

Room: Moebius - Grand Auditorium

On: Oct 4, 2013, from 09:00 to 12:00

Track leader(s): Jonathan Le Lous (Innovation (R&D) and Training offer Manager at Alter Way - Board member of April, Alter Way) / Dave Neary (Community Action and Impact, Red Hat) / Nicolas Barcet (VP Products, eNovance)

Free and Open Cloud : the next step ? Infrastructure as a Service is not a global cloud solution, this is only the first step. What are steps for a complete cloud architecture ? Orchestration and PaaS , what are the best ways for a efficient cloud ?


09:00 - A GNU priority for a GNU era

Duration: 40 minutes

Speakers: John Sullivan (Executive Director, Free Software Foundation)

At its 30th anniversary in September, GNU announced an, ahem, GNU priority for the project -- a focus on advancing and protecting user freedom on the Web and the surrounding Internet.

The project that started around a central concern for individual freedom on individual computers is turning more of its energy toward helping users protect themselves from the threats posed by so-called "cloud computing" and "software as a service."

An effective response to these threats will have two prongs. One will be critical, identifying the problems and threats and the agendas behind them. Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) needs to kept out of the core language of the Web. JavaScript needs to be treated the same as other software -- it needs to be free, for all of the same reasons our operating system needs to be free. We need to resist enticements to replace our local computing with remotely hosted software and tenuous promises.

The other prong will be productive, striving to write the software that needs to be written for users to be able to conveniently do all of the things they want to do using only free software on their own machines.

I will talk about the role of FSF and GNU in this project, and invite conversation about that as well as other possible approaches.

09:45 - Orchestration on OpenStack

Duration: 30 minutes

Speakers: Nicolas Barcet (VP Products, eNovance) / Steven Hardy (Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat)

Nick has joined eNovance, an OpenStack Gold member, on December 10 2012 as VP of Products. Nick is also a director on the boards of the OpenStack Foundation, the Open Cloud Initiative and Upstream University. Nick founded the Ceilometer project at the Folsom summit to handle centralized metering on OpenStack, and has been project leading it for its first year.

10:20 - CloudStack: interopérabilité entre les différents clouds

Duration: 25 minutes

Speakers: Jules-Henri Gavetti (CEO, IKOULA)

Démonstration du déploiement de cloud Publics et Privés à travers la technologie CloudStack. Accessible depuis une interface unique, CloudStack est un orchestrateur multi-tenant et multi-hyperviseur. Cette technologie permet l’interopérabilité avec les différents clouds, grâce aux API compatibles.

10:50 - Open Hybrid Cloud - Virt, IaaS, PaaS - oh, my!

Duration: 25 minutes

Speakers: Dave Neary (Community Action and Impact, Red Hat)

Dave Neary has been active in free and open source communities for over 15 years as a developer, event organiser, community manager, trainer and consultant.

He is part of Red Hat's Open Source and Standards team, driving adoption and community growth for projects including oVirt, RDO, a distribution of OpenStack for Red Hat based operating systems, Gluster and Fedora.

11:20 - Using Linux to Bring networks into the server world

Duration: 25 minutes

Speakers: Dinesh Dutt (Chief Scientist, Cumulus Networks) / Reza Malekzadeh (VP of Business, Cumulus Networks)

The revolution that happened in the server universe over the past 15 years has resulted in an eco-system that is more open, more democratically innovative and produced better results in technically challenging dimensions like scale. The underpinnings of the revolution were common hardware, standards based APIs (e.g POSIX) and a strict adherence to layering and isolation between applications, daemons and kernel drivers/modules which allowed multiple types of development happen in parallel without hindering others. In contrast, networking equipment is still stuck in the mainframe era. Today, networking equipment is a single appliance, including hardware, OS, applications and user interface come as a monolithic entity from a single vendor. If we use Linux for networking devices, we get the opportunity to run a wide selection of programs, and they can be written in any language we can get running on a Linux server. We can even replace one protocol with a different one! This allows networking switches to benefit from technologies that the server world has enjoyed for years or decades , such as: * Automated provisioning, using the same tools used to provision servers. * Easy integration with existing authentication, auditing, management, monitoring and inventory tools. * Consistent interfaces and workflow for configuring server networking and switch networking.

11:50 - Xen: Open Source Hypervisor Designed for Clouds

Duration: 25 minutes

Speakers: Lars Kurth (Director, Open Source Solutions, Citrix)

It is no accident that Xen software powers some of the largest Clouds in existence. From its outset, the Xen Project was intended to enable what we now call Cloud Computing. This session will explore how the Xen Architecture addresses the needs of the Cloud in ways which facilitate security, throughput, and agility. It will also cover some of the hot new developments of the Xen Project.

12:20 - Portail libre-service (PaaS) à destination des équipes Etudes et Développement.

Duration: 25 minutes

Speakers: Gauvain Girault (Directeur Centre d'Expertise Cloud, HPC, Big Data, FastConnect)

Cette session vous éclairera sur les capacités de mise en place de services applicatifs Cloud pour les équipes Etudes et Développement, à travers l'utilisation de la plate-forme d'orchestration applicative Cloudify (, Cette approche permet de dématérialiser et dynamiser le socle d'exécution de vos applications critiques, sans changement de code, ni lock in : "Any App, Any Cloud, Your Way".

À cette occasion seront abordés les thèmes suivants : - Les bénéfices du PaaS privé - Platform as a Service pour les équipes de développement; et de manière induite pour les métiers - Automatisation du cycle de vie de l'application, incluant la gestion complète de son cycle de vie, afin d'améliorer le temps de mise à disposition des applications et les SLA applicatifs (fiabilité, performance) - Création d'un package portable entre data-center, Cloud privé et Cloud publics permettant d'adresser les problématiques d'évolutivité et réversibilité - Intégration au système d'information existant et à une démarche de livraison continue - Démo (vidéo) du cycle de vie d'un applicatif Web déployée à travers un portail libre-service, sur une infrastructure dynamique composée de composants Open-Source et propriétaires

12:50 - From Metal to Cloud - Automating the Cloud Assembly Line using Open Source Software

Duration: 25 minutes

Speakers: Thomas Hatch (Founder and CTO, Salt Stack)

A new breed of open source software is expanding the horizons of what cloud architects and systems administrators are automating on the cloud assembly line. These new tools are built for the speed and scale of any cloud and now automate just about everything in the data center from bare metal provisioning to granular code tweaks. Open source tools evolve quickly and today provide much more than configuration management. Capabilities like orchestration and deployment of any cloud; infrastructure management; DevOps workflow automation; and fast parallel communications and remote execution are readily available. Thomas Hatch, creator of the Salt open source project, will detail the availability and usage of various open source management tools all of which were built for the requirements of cloud at scale to help automate data center management while building highly reliable compute environments. Attend this presentation to learn what the bleeding edge of open source holds for the future of data center automation.

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