Track: Next-Gen Web

Theme: CODE

Room: Konqi (2.02)

On: Oct 4, 2013, from 09:00 to 12:00

Track leader(s): Bruno Michel (AF83) / Jean-François Lépine (Consultant PHP, Alter Way) / Stefane Fermigier (Abilian)

Web was conceived as a large distributed collection of documents with hyperlinks between them. But year after year, it was used for more and more complex things and is now a platform for applications that is as powerful as native.

There is no reason that this trend will stop in the next years and this track will show you what will arrive, from the low level technologies to the high level tools and usages.


09:00 - Web Components, the future of Web developers

Duration: 40 minutes

Speakers: Julien Vey (Numergy)

Templating, encapsulation, custom elements, databinding ... All modern web frameworks currently offer their own solution.

But did you know that a W3C specification proposing to standardize all this is being written? The Web Components.

In this presentation, we will take the lead! We will discuss the basic concepts of Web Components: ShadowDOM, Mutation Observers, Custom Elements, Model-Driven-View, Object.observe()... but also how to use them today with frameworks such as Dart, AngularJS and Polymer, a polyfill for Web Components developed inside Google.

09:45 - Offline mode in the browser, real world feedback

Duration: 40 minutes

Speakers: Thomas Cataldo (Blue Mind)

At Blue Mind, we work with calendars, contacts and emails. We try to provide offline mode in the browser for all that. This talk will bring real world feedback about this stuff: appcache, webstorage, indexed db, websql.

10:30 - Innovate with Web Standards

Duration: 45 minutes

Speakers: Robin Berjon (W3C)

On parle souvent des standards du Web, mais ceux-cis restent souvent nappés de mystère. Cette présentation expliquera de façon enfin compréhensible pourquoi les standards sont nécessaires, comment ils fonctionnent, et comment y participer. Finalement, nous verrons en quoi une connaissance du monde des standards enrichit la capacité de chacun à innover.

11:15 - JIO and WebViewers: standards to connect Javascript Document Viewers and Editors with Web Applications

Duration: 40 minutes

Speakers: Ludovic Dubost (XWiki SAS) / Viktor Horvath (Alixen)

This talk has the objective of presenting JIO and WebViewers, two open specifications to help integrate Javascript document viewers with Web Applications including CMS, Wikis, Collaborative Applications.

JIO ( is a specification to allow compatible Javascript applications to open documents on any JIO compatible server in a standard way. The talk will demonstrate connection between OfficeJS and Mioga2 and XWiki servers.

WebViewer ( is a specification to allow to write Javascript document viewers (PDF, Spreadsheets, SVG) that can be automatically used by compatible Web Applications to view and edit the content of the supported file formats. The talk will demonstrate PDF and Spreadsheets viewers embedded in multiple application including XWiki and Mioga2.

12:00 - Using Babylon.JS to create 3d apps & games for all WebGL devices

Duration: 40 minutes

Speakers: David Catuhe (Microsoft) / David Rousset (Microsoft)

We have built in France a WebGL 3d realtime engine named BabylonJS. It has been made to support all WebGL compatible platforms such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE11 on the desktop as well as on Firefox OS, Android & Windows 8.1 devices. We will see 2 main points in this session. First, we’ll share some of the things we’ve learned while building it: how to track and reduce the garbage collector, how to pay attention to the performance and how to handle touch on all devices. Then, we’ll see how to use these frameworks to build your own 3d applications & games for the web! Be ready to read some code.

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