Track: NewSQL: Managing large data sets with relational technologies

Theme: CODE

Room: Grand Salon

On: Oct 4, 2013, from 09:00 to 12:00

Track leader(s): Ori Pekelman (Founder, Constellation Matrix) / Damien Clochard (DALIBO)

This is the sister track for Big Data, focused on using NewSQL technologies to tackle huge volumes of data (with MariaDB, SkySQL and Postgres).


09:00 - Introduction

Speakers: Ori Pekelman (Founder, Constellation Matrix) / Damien Clochard (DALIBO)

09:15 - The evolution of Open Source Databases

Speakers: Ivan Zoratti (SkySQL Ab)

Database management systems have dominated the software industry and the Information Technology for almost 5 decades. For many years, this sector has been governed by the use and adoption of commercial software. In the second half of the 1990s, the first open source databases started their timid moves, until today, when the majority of the data of the planet is managed by open source software. In this session we will analyse the current offering of open source solutions to manage and handle your structured and unstructured data, your transactions, your big data, your multimedia content. We will evaluate the differences between commercial and open source solutions and we will learn how it is possible to manage the whole lifecycle of a piece of information solely with open source - and why this is much better than their more expensive closed source counterparts.

10:00 - PostgreSQL is web scale

Speakers: Dimitri Fontaine (2ndQuadrant)

We call it the world's most advanced open source database, and we are actually offering in the same package full ACID compliance per default and advanced trade-offs to reach any kind of flexibility needed, all with per-transaction controls. That's including your replication and High Availability setup. Given proper use of those controls and some schemaless extensions, PostgreSQL really is web scale!

10:45 - NewSQL trends and how MariaDB makes it happen

Speakers: Colin Charles (Chief Evangelist, MariaDB)

All the hype is about NoSQL and other cool databases that are doing things as key/value stores, column stores, big data and other trends. In this talk you will learn an overview of these trends. However the relational database model (RDBMS) has been around for decades and multiple databases from commercial to opensource implement this in a sensible fashion. MariaDB & MySQL are leading this trend. MariaDB is a RDBMS which is described as a better MySQL. It is fully compatible with MySQL and has more features than MySQL so for the intent of this talk, we will focus on MariaDB. We discuss: HBase, Cassandra, memcached, dynamic columns, LevelDB, node.js, JSON, and "NewSQL" Galera Cluster.

11:30 - Conduct change from Oracle to PostgreSQL

Speakers: Jean-Paul Argudo (DALIBO)

How large companies and governmental organization in France did the move from Oracle to PostgreSQL. What were the pros and cons of such a move, and in which context it happened.

Such migrations is not only about money, even tough its part of the deal. Each of those entities had to conduct a change. There are technical issues, but those weren't the biggest ones. Knowledge, organization and other human aspects were much bigger issues... One has to be open-minded to succeed completely.

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