Track: Devops

Theme: CODE

Room: Gopher (2.06)

On: Oct 4, 2013, from 14:00 to 18:00

Track leader(s): Lucas Bonnet ( / Sébastien Aperghis-Tramoni ( / Stefane Fermigier (Abilian)

Devops tries to close the gaps between development and operations, between marketing and security people, with one common goal, the business.

The talk in this session will provide both an introduction to devops, and present methods, tools and tips to successfully apply these ideas to your organization.


14:00 - Devops - Development doesn't end at the last commit.

Duration: 40 minutes

Speakers: Kris Buytaert (INUITS)

Devops tries to close the gaps between development and operations, between marketing and security people, with one common goal, the business. This Change of culture to the way INUITS has been working since inception is a journey that needs new eyes. It's mosty a human challenge. But devops obviously brings some technical challenges, organisations will want to implement Configuration Management, better monitoring and measurement, better deployment, they will want to improve their availability towards their users. And they will want to improve their product delivery.

14:45 - High velocity, massive scale DevOps with SaltStack

Duration: 40 minutes

Speakers: Thomas Hatch (Founder and CTO, Salt Stack)

In today's enterprise data centers if we aren't working in real-time we risk being dangerously irrelevant. As infrastructure is deployed to run the latest cloud or Web-scale applications, the builders of it all are at a significant disadvantage if data is old or if tools, and the people using them to support a DevOps approach, are anything but asyncronous and running in parallel. Powerful software for real-time data center control exists today, and it is open source. Tools like SaltStack were specifically built for systems administrators tasked with managing thousands and hundreds of thousands of systems configurations and need to do it at the speed and scale of the today's infrastrcuture and cloud. This talk will show how real-time system automation is possible and surprisingly simple. Big things are possible when data center automation is done in parallel. Because if we are tasked with keeping the Internet running, we might as well do it fast, efficient and with as little effort as possible.

15:30 - The devops approach to monitoring, Open Source and Infrastructure as Code Style

Duration: 40 minutes

Speakers: Julien Pivotto (Inuits)

Monitoring is critical for every decent application that runs on production. Many of the monitoring tools widely used show their limits at the age of Infrastructure as Code and Cloud computing. Let's investigate how monitoring can face the new challenges: scalability, reproducability and automation

16:15 - Agnostic Continuous Delivery

Duration: 45 minutes

Speakers: Hervé Leclerc (CTO, Alter Way)

Feedback on the implementation of an architecture allowing to do some Continuous Delivery in both PHP and Java environments for a leading company in the Telecom Industry. We will describe the methods and tools we have implemented as well as the limitations and difficulties we have encountered. Keywords : Industrialization, DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Ansible, Rundeck, Infrastructure As Code

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