Track: Education, Job & FLOSS

Theme: THINK

Room: Puffy (2.04)

On: Oct 4, 2013, from 14:00 to 18:00

Track leader(s): Jonathan Le Lous (Innovation (R&D) and Training offer Manager at Alter Way - Board member of April, Alter Way) / Philippe Montarges (Alter Way) / Jean Pierre Archambault (Président, Association EPI) / Roberto Di Cosmo (IRILL)

IT oportunities and employment in a crisis world: education, professional training and job

In this new edition of the Think tank "Education, job and Floss", in Open World Forum event, we're going to talk about education, training and digital in three ways: with a short term approach, we will discuss about opportunities with newest forms of training like Mooc, in medium term we will talk about the high level education system and with a long term vision we will discuss about citizen digital education and the role of computer learning like a science. This year we will realize a special focus on the developers career.


14:00 - Les besoins en formation logiciel libre en France: résultats de l'étude Opiiec

Duration: 25 minutes

Speakers: Jonathan Le Lous (Innovation (R&D) and Training offer Manager at Alter Way - Board member of April, Alter Way)

Today Jonathan is Innovation manager and is in charge of Training offer in Alter Way. Alter Way is one of the three largest IT service French company specialize in Floss. Since three years, he's PhD Candidate on the Management Resarch Center of the Toulouse University – Graduate School of Management.His research concerns the FLOSS ecosystem and IT service strategies. In other hand, he's working since 2004 in FLOSS. He has labeled and animated the first official French cluster, Intelli’N, and launched and livened up the floss webtv (200 video and 200 000 visits). He's active on the French freesoftware and open source community (Blog and local LUG event) and board member of April (first french free software association with more than 5000 members).

14:30 - Developer career: how do we create value for young people ? what are the characteristics of a great career for a developer ?

Duration: 60 minutes

Speakers: Roberto Di Cosmo (IRILL) / Pierre Queinnec (Open World Forum) / Frederic Aatz (Microsoft) / Thierry Carrez (Release Manager, OpenStack Foundation)

15:40 - Professional training 2.0 : MOOC, e-learning, face-to-face , What is the best way for "knowing" in digital world ?

Duration: 60 minutes

Speakers: Jonathan Le Lous (Innovation (R&D) and Training offer Manager at Alter Way - Board member of April, Alter Way) / Loïc Dachary (Trainer, Upstream University) / Mathieu Nebra (Fondateur, Site du Zéro) / Xavier Antoviaque (Freelance Web Developer, Self-employed)

16:40 - Formation informatique pour tous : un enjeu de culture générale au 21ème siècle

Duration: 60 minutes

Speakers: François Elie (Président, Adullact) / Jean Pierre Archambault (Président, Association EPI) / Colin de la Higuera (Président, Société Informatique de France) / Roberto Di Cosmo (IRILL)

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